About Honma Tokyo

Honma Tokyo is a Brazilian cosmetic company with over 10 years of experience and worldwide recognition!

Honma Tokyo was founded in Brazil in 2008 by Jorge H. Honma, a Brazilian with Japanese ancestors. After putting the brand in its home country on the map, international expansion started in 2010 with exports to Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East. From 2015 FS Cosmetics has started with Honma Tokyo to bring the products to the market in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, we serve many professionals and salons in the Netherlands with our high-quality products and service.

Our Mission

Continue to innovate with the perfect combination of high-quality natural ingredients from the Amazon and advanced technologies from Japan. These two forces are reflected in our products which are developed with a high quality standard. Respect for the beauty and well-being of people is promoted with the aim to reach consumers all over the world and to give confidence in what nature can give us.

Fernanda Smits

Looking forward

Making the brand most sought after by professionals in the beauty market, because it is recognized by the quality, innovation and benefits of its products.

Our values

Committed to our products and services, focusing on continuous innovation, respect for people, animals and the environment, responsibility, appreciation of its employees, beauty professionals and their end-users. A bold, innovative company, connected to the most modern international cosmetics market.

In the world

At present, Honma Tokyo products are available on every continent and have been on the market for 10 years with internationally recognized quality standards. The products are not only a worthy addition to existing products in the cosmetics world, but make what other brands on the market don’t do yet, this difference is clearly noticeable when you use our products. The treatment results are immediately visible, tangible and delight many customers with a diversity of cultures and nationalities worldwide.

Honma Tokyo 100% Brazilian products for professionals

The products of Honma Tokyo make 100% use of elements and active substances from nature that include plant extracts, pure oils, amino acids and vitamins. Honma Tokyo offers a solution for all hair types and customer needs. We do not use hazardous substances; all our keratin products are free of formaldehyde. In addition, the natural basis helps the professional hairdresser to do his work with precision and perfection.